Artist Statement 
I am a multidisciplinary artist, who uses a variety of practices. Such as painting, printmaking, and sculpture to find solace in the complexities of family dynamics, childhood memories, and my immigrant journey. 
My paintings employ unconventional canvases like petate mats, sheet metal, and chicken wire to convey the essence of forms and figures I depict. In printmaking, I channel the social and political history of the medium to empower and resonate with Latinx viewers. When it comes to my sculptures, I aim to engage the senses through the use of textures and colors, often employing paper machè, a medium my mother passed down to me. This choice not only documents my interaction with the art but also a nod to Mexican artisanal practices. Color has always been a source of fascination to me, particularly the vibrant hues seen in swap meets and handcrafted signs. Bright complementary color palettes are often employed to evoke a sense of delight in the viewer. My art bears resemblance to rasquachismo, largely due to the use of found objects. I scour the desert for intriguing artifacts, repurpose discarded items, and sift through "junk" I acquire from swap meets and antique shops. ​​​​​​​
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