The concept for "Thank you" is  to mimic altars outside of a bodega. This shrine is dedicated as a sign of gratitude to the ancestors who continue to show their support despite their physical absence. 
I started this painting by making a wood frame and mounting a piece of 24x36 sheet metal on top of frame. I prepped the canvas by sanding the sheet metal and applying clear gesso. I then started to compose the painting.
Once composition and painting are set, I added papier mâchè clay around the boarder of the canvas to create an exterior feel.
Once layer of papier mâchè clay is dried, I settled on text placement and color.
 Once papier mâchè and composition was set, I created a candle holder element that is placed  on top of painting. The candle holder was made out of air-dry clay and painted card stock with wire attachments.
The final composition posed next to the design inspiration.

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